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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

The series has fallen further and further behind in production since Moffat took over to the extent that they'll only have shot one episode in eight months.
Well, only one episode that you know of. Which says nothing of material that may have been shot in secret during that period that you know nothing about. It's not like there are other project compromising Moffat's (or Gatiss') availability to do that. After all, "Sherlock' is on prolonged hiatus due to "NuTrek 2" and "The Hobbit".

The idea that they've somehow found the time and money to do all this secret shooting is wishful thinking.
Time, as per above, hasn't really been an issue. The money angle? Well, thus far the BBC sure hasn't been stingy about this anniversary, what with acquiring the not at all cheap tech to use the anniversary-date ep as the kick-off of their new 3D broadcast division, and all the costs that entails, and springing a sizable chunk of change for Gatiss' docudrama full of of easily double-duty (thus cost saving) props, costumes, etc. It seems pretty damn obvious that the BBC isn't skimping on this anniversary celebration a/k/a "Global PR Stunt" connected with their most popular and profitable export.

As far as I'm concerned, the notion that time and/or money has been a stumbling block in this matter is far more unduly pessimistic, than the inverse is "wishful thinking".
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