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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

Christopher wrote: View Post
I liked the "don't hurt anybody" fight with Ahsoka and Ventress against the troopers.
Which retroactively turned into "don't kill anybody" after it was over, because I think they did hurt somebody.

Christopher wrote: View Post
You don't usually see pure hand-to-hand action on this show
I've missed quite a few episodes over the last couple seasons, but I've seen a lot of it recently, most notably in last season's Bounty. And I think there was a lot of it in Wookiee Hunt.

Christopher wrote: View Post
The Expanded Universe has established her still being with the Jedi up through the events of Episode III, so I guess this is more evidence that the EU is not so canonical after all.
"Luckily" she didn't make it onto the screen in ROTS, but she was in the script.
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