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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

A Late Delivery from Avalon - It was interesting to see Michael York. He did a great job as Arthur/David. I liked the premise, and it was done well. He really seemed to believe that he was King arthur. The scenes with G'Kar and Arthur were very good. It was interesting to see garibaldi take on his toughest opponent yet, the post office Arthur's real story was very interesting. I liked learning a bit more about the start of the earth-Minbari war. Franklin was a bit of an ass this episode, but thats to be expected. I liked the resolution of the story, with Delenn being the "lady in the lake" to Arthur/David. The ending with Garibaldi succeeding in beating the post office was funny. Overall, this was an entertaining episode. Michael York's performance was great, if Arthur hadn't been played so well the episode would probably have suffered.
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