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Re: Tron: What do the different colors mean?

That's another thing Legacy changed/misinterpreted from the original. Kevin Flynn didn't want information to be free and open-source. Just the opposite -- he wanted to reclaim his stolen intellectual property and the enormous profits from it that should've been his all along. Sure, in-story he wanted programs to be "free," but in the sense that he wanted them to be controlled by their individual programmers rather than taken by the company. This was before ubiquitous personal computing, after all, so computers and programs were mainly in the hands of people who worked as programmers, not in the hands of the general public. So Flynn's mission, and Tron's parallel/allegorical mission, wasn't about open-source software versus copyrighted/for-sale software, but about labor versus management, about individual creators being entitled to control and profit from their own creations rather than having to surrender them to their employers. (A theme that I believe had some resonance to the filmmakers working within the Disney corporate empire.) Flynn's goal was for himself and the other programmers to have the right to make money from their own work. So when his son in Legacy made Encom's newest software available to everyone for free, thus depriving its developers of income, he wasn't standing up for Kevin Flynn's ideals, but betraying them.
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