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Re: Would TMP have been better had they used the TOS uniforms?

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The original TOS uniforms were great for 1960's television, but were too garish and dated-looking by the time TMP was made--they would have to been modified with darker colors and overall remade in a more flattering contemporary style like they were in Star Trek XI.

But I think the uniforms really needed to change in TMP to signify that some time had passed since Kirk's 5-year mission, IMO.
And, in that vein, the uniforms in Star Trek (2009) aren't exactly TOS uniforms either. In certain senses, e.g. color scheme, they are closer to the TOS uniforms than the TMP ones, but in others, e.g. rank braids, the TMP ones are closer. One could argue that both nuTrek and TMP uniforms are overall closer to TOS uniforms than the TWOK ones.
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