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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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UFO wrote:
It is mostly wrong because we are robbing Nero or anyone in his position of their remaining life and that hasn't been removed.

However small it is, there is a chance Nero could pull a rabbit out of his hat and survive the collapse of the Narada. If he survived (remember he had a collection of craft aboard), he could become a huge problem somewhere else in the timeline.

This sounds more like an argument that Kirk is wrong for simply doing something any other rational being would do in his place. It's not about the action taken, it's about whose taking the action.

I count seven photon torpedoes fired from that clip, four from the Enterprise and three from the Excelsior. with there being three separate firings (1,2,1 from Enterprise and 2,1 from Excelsior) and no one stopped to even give Chang the chance to surrender.
Would a Klingon surrender? One could say they also had to eliminate the possibility that Chang could have time to radio anyone that the jig was up and the Enterprise and Excelsior were on their way.

I agree totally that the "Nero threat" had to be negated. If he had surrendered, he'd have become the Federation's version of Hannibal Lecter. He'd be incarcerated and never see the light of day or more than two or three people, again. Kirk offered a chance at survival. Nero refused. At that point, you can't even have a 0.5% chance that he lives through what's going on with the black hole and his ship and escapes to freedom -- in any timeline.
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