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Re: Best Genealogy sites and software to use?

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Don't they collect the records so that they can baptist the dead?
That is a part of it, though their official website claims the following:

"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the primary benefactor for FamilySearch services. Our commitment to helping people connect with their ancestors is rooted in our beliefs—that families are meant to be central to our lives and that family relationships are intended to continue beyond this life.

We hold that all family members—those living, those past, and those future—share an enduring bond that reaches across the generations. To us this means that families are forever, and an important part of acting on this belief is doing family history."

Whether they baptize the dead or not is irrelevant to me since I don't think it's accomplishing much anyway. If it is helping to digitize and provide access to historical records, so be it.

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I always want to use them but my family have zero links to the Mormon church. Doubt I'd get much from them.
You don't need to have links to the church, the resources they gather are on genealogy in general. For example, when I used to work at an archive, volunteers from the church would scan records and create indexes for them, regardless of church affiliation.
Have they dealt with many records from central England?
I don't have firsthand experience with that research, but it looks like they have several "FamilySearch Centers" in that country, and many of their records are digitized online. They also claim to have billions of records from "around the world," so it's definitely a possibility.
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