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Listen. We know that the Founders have children; we know that the Female Shapeshifter took the lead in directing Dominion policy towards the Federation (since she was the only one issuing orders to anyone), which means that some Founders exercise more influence than others; and we know that the Founders have disagreements with one-another (since it took them a full year between "The Adversary" and "Broken Link" to decide what to do about Odo).
No, we know that the Founders HAD offspring in the past. We don't know how often they reproduce, whether it's a regular occurrence or not. We do know that the only infant changelings mentioned were specifically sent out to "explore" the galaxy. What if they only reproduce once a millennium, and Odo's cohort was the most recent reproductive cycle? Then there wouldn't be any children during the Dominion War (unless you want to argue that Odo's and Laas were minors).

As for the female Founder, she was the only one in the AQ, no? She would be exercising the full authority of the Great Link, then.

So the idea that all Founders are equally morally culpable agents--the idea, in essence, that they're all the same and all guilty--is just speculation. Until you get actual evidence of it, that's all it is.

And I sure as hell don't think we should default to assuming that they're all the same, that they're all a homogenous Other who bear equal moral responsibility for the Dominion's crimes. That sort of thinking is not the sort of assumption a moral policy should be based upon.
What I think is that you should stop insisting you know what changeling society is like, because we both watched the show, and we don't agree that the evidence points to the same conclusions. I'm willing to change my mind, because I'm more interested in questioning assumptions than in insisting that I'm right, but you seem unreasonably stubborn on insisting that changelings have kids and civilians based on no evidence whatsoever. You're just decreeing them into existence.

And they probably developed a cure in case it jumped species.
A cure gives S31 leverage.
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