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The technology behind universal translators hurts my brain (and i still wanna know how she managed to read that note...does it translate text too)

I often like these types of simple episodes (where they encounter species vastly less advanced rather than the ones that are vastly more advanced......or for that matter, the standard aliens who are bizarrely pretty much on a parr with Federation levels)

They're more human and the story is often more compelling and has a point to make (also have a soft spot for "The Thaw" cos it keeps it very simple)

Becoming one of my favourites
Universal translators are the funniest plot device of all time. Not only do they translate what you're saying, they make the person's lips appear to be moving as if they're speaking your language.

In one story I wrote that was a space opera parody, there was a concept of 'Convenience energy' which causes the plot to work out conveniently for the protagonists. It is the energy source behind both warp engines and universal translators.

Muse was a nice idea for an episode but I don't think it was well executed.
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