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Re: Tron: What do the different colors mean?

What if there IS man... what if inside our laptops there's little glowy suited people running around living their lives. Far out stuff man.

Back to the above poster - I suppose the black suited Tron denizens as Flynn and Tron's "new Grid" makes sense - although then again they did say that a very very very long time had passed within the Grid. So it could simply be evolution - they were white/grey suited but over time as graphics got better and the grid got faster, they evolved into the black suited as the standard look for nearly everyone with, like I said before, the white sorta for 'older' programs or at least older 'roles'. Although isn't the Grid still technically the same Encom server as before. Just because Flynn "killed" the MCP in the first movie - I'm assuming he didn't just kill the whole original grid too. Since upgraded versions of everything in the original exist in the new.

That's kinda why I was really hoping Tron Uprising would last longer, maybe touch on a bit more of the history of the Grid after the original movie. Although it did show a lot more of it than the movies did.

I'm curious to see more of what happens after Sam and Quorra take over Encom - since some of the special feature stuff on the DVD/BluRay sorta hint that Sam is going to do what his old man did and take back Encom.

Although as to the 'world' of Tron - basically it's an alternate reality to our own. Touchscreen computers were already sort of 'normal' or at least on the high end in the 1981 of the first movie - when they were hardly that way in the "Real world" we lived in. Oh I'm sure some smarty pants computer guy maybe figured out a way to make it work on a prototype but even today using a flat screen 'keyboard' is still sort of in its early childhood - I won't say infancy since everyone on this board probably is using something with a virtual keyboard already and has for years. But it's not quite the "star trek" level yet.

But FlynnOS/EncomOS almost seems like a more developed and commercial form of Linux/Unix. Basically Legacy sorta posits "What if Linus Torvaldis's Linux was the dominant computer OS since the 80s instead of MacOS or Windows?" The whole line of "how can you steal something that was meant to be free?" clearly hints that Flynn created an open source, free OS and from the looks of things he beat out Microsoft and Apple.

Since even his 80s era console in the Arcade, with its very Encom touch screen set up didn't seem to faze Sam in the least - I wonder if that was meant to be the original touchscreen desk in that executive's office, that Flynn had snagged and shoved into his basement lab. So that's leading me to believe that the FOS/EOS that everyone uses hasn't changed that much and - while yes I know Sam's supposed to be a computer genius too sorta - command line stuff is still well used and not just by hackers or network techs.

So really... the world of Tron is basically LINUX!
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