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Re: The politics of the Prime Directive

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Actually, we have. DS9's "Inter Arma Enim Silent leges" established that the Federation Charter bans the UFP government from interfering in the internal affairs of foreign cultures.
There a Human from the Federation was going to manipulate the selection of one Romulan (over another) for a political position.

The Federation Charter forbids interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. Which isn't the same as forbidding all interaction. Trade, finance, tourism, education, social discourse could all be neither allowed nor disallowed by that portion of the Charter. Even a certain amount of external political advocacy could be completely kosher.

What constitutes "internal affairs?" And does the prohibition specifically refer to steering clear of a foreign government's operation? But outside of that, most other things in that foreign "land" are fine ... up to a point (covered by different prohibitions).

bans the UFP government
I don't believe that was mentioned.

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Not only would there be primitives who'd pay good alcohol or pergium for electric razors and other trinkets - there would be the potential for meeting advanced civilizations that might accidentally sell something of great value in the regular market.
And who knows when some ultra low-tech culture is going to introduce you to the next chocolate, or maize, or tobacco?

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... civilians ...that prevents them from setting up shop as gods on primitive backwoods planets?
Even with a law against it in place, what would prevent them? Consider how low the odds are of being discovered.

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