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It seems to me you assume the Founders are exactly humanoid so that you can be offended by the attempted genocide against them.
I had no idea that I needed more reasons to be offended at attempted genocide.
Since you refuse to accept any argument that precludes the changelings from being anything other than typical humanoids, with civilians and children among the population,
Listen. We know that the Founders have children; we know that the Female Shapeshifter took the lead in directing Dominion policy towards the Federation (since she was the only one issuing orders to anyone), which means that some Founders exercise more influence than others; and we know that the Founders have disagreements with one-another (since it took them a full year between "The Adversary" and "Broken Link" to decide what to do about Odo).

So the idea that all Founders are equally morally culpable agents--the idea, in essence, that they're all the same and all guilty--is just speculation. Until you get actual evidence of it, that's all it is.

And I sure as hell don't think we should default to assuming that they're all the same, that they're all a homogenous Other who bear equal moral responsibility for the Dominion's crimes. That sort of thinking is not the sort of assumption a moral policy should be based upon.

I can only assume you resist changing your position on the nature of changeling society because to do so would weaken your argument against the attack on the Great Link.
Or I just interpret the available evidence differently than you and always did, even before the episodes revealing the Founder virus aired.

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attempted genocide
But was it?

Sci, why did Section 31 create a cure?
Are you seriously arguing that an act of terrorism threatening the extinction of an entire species is any morally better?

And they probably developed a cure in case it jumped species.
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