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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Indestructible Hulk #4: was good, the assembling of Team Banner R&D was nice to see together. Curious about where this group goes and who's a mole etc etc. Hulk under the ocean, Attuma, what's not to like.

Savage Wolverine #2: While I found this to be an issue that did nothing to move the plot forward another look at the mountain convinces me that somehow Man-Thing may be involved. For that I stick around. However, next issue I need answers on who is dropping people out of the sky. My guess is SHIELD. I then need to know why it took 8 months to do so. Also, Cho seems to have aged quite a bit. He looks almost 20yrs old now. Not the 14-16yr old I recall. They aged him quick or just artist variation? So over at CBR forums in this issues discussion thread someone posted uncolored art from upcoming issue....that sealed it for me on Man-Thing. I doubt I'll get answers as it relates to end of Thunderbolts but I'm reading this arc.

Next week, just Punisher War Zone #5
I've also thinned out my reading stack since summer also. Cost being an issue and funds needed elsewhere. I'd like to check out Nova in TPB but I like Richard so not sure how I feel about this concept.
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