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Re: Uh-Oh!! Is Microsoft setting up to answer Sony?

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Even though I own a PS3 and 360, I have no interest in either one's successor. I can't imagine the graphics being that much better, and there's not a new media...erm...medium coming that will be in the new system (i.e. DVD w/ Ps2, Blu w/ PS3).
Whereas I certainly can imagine they'll be that much better; with many popular games (at least on 360) running at sub-HD resolutions (Halos) or with lower-res textures than their PC counterparts (Mass Effect 3, Skyrim), the new consoles should finally let developers run games in full 1080p fairly effortlessly.

If nothing else, we should stop getting that damn Unreal Engine texture popping now that there's enough RAM!

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Plus, I imagine the PS3/360 will still have support for a few years to go anyway.
That happened with the PS2 last time, because of the huge install base, but both the GameCube and the Xbox withered away pretty quickly. This time, it's the Wii that had the install base - it just happened to wither beforehand! - so I wouldn't hold out expectations of PS3/360 support much beyond the start of 2014.
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