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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

I liked the "don't hurt anybody" fight with Ahsoka and Ventress against the troopers. You don't usually see pure hand-to-hand action on this show; it's either energy weapons or Force pushes. So this was a nice bit of variety in the action choreography.

I'm afraid it's pretty obvious now that Bariss Offee is the traitor. She's the one who sent Ahsoka to that warehouse, the only one who knew she'd be there; and she was pretty evasive about where she got the information. The Expanded Universe has established her still being with the Jedi up through the events of Episode III, so I guess this is more evidence that the EU is not so canonical after all.

I'm kind of hoping this will end with Ahsoka alive but permanently leaving the Jedi. That would explain her absence in ROTS without requiring her to die like everyone expects.
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