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Re: The bird is out: ENTERPRISE on blu-ray

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I'll be interested whether the show is in 1080p 24 frames per second, the original film speed no television station is capable of broadcasting, without converting it to approx 29 fps in NTSC. Or 720 & 1080 60hz for HD.
I don't think I've seen anything on Blu-ray that's only 720p. I have seen 1080i60, but that's been conversions of PAL material (Doctor Who and Torchwood); everything in my collection that has originated at 24 FPS has been 1080p24.

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I'm aware CG can be very much hit and miss, compared to the actual real models we're seeing in TNG HD. Although you'd think the amount of time spent carving and painting a model, then many photographic passes through a computer, would just transfer to doing that the Lightwave equivalent at a computer screen. Time is still money, I suppose.
The model work will require a similar amount of time - however, doing the actual "shooting" will be quicker in terms of user time. (You then have to wait for it to render, which may or may not be quicker depending on how complex your shot was! But that's a background task, not something the user has to stick around for.)
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