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Am I the only one that doesn't hate the ME3 ending? I can see why people had complaints before the extended cut, but I found the end to be pretty awesome. I was actually kind of depressed when I finished ME3 for the first time because I didn't want it to be over.
No, I loved the ending as well. I can understand that it may not be for everyone, but I would have thought that people would be over it by now. Oh well, the endless drama is entertaining in its own way.
Pre-EC my main gripe with the ending was that it was quite obviously thrown together, unfinished and that text agter the tag scene was just downright insulting. This is why I view the EC as a very large patch rather than DLC in it's own right.

Post-EC, while the execution of the ending is a lot smoother and more "complete" (for lack of a better term) I still take issue with the execution. Mainly it's the "pick your favourite colour" mechanic and the implementation of the war asset system. I mean after three games of imported saves storing hundreds accumulated decisions we were led to believe that what we had done up until this point would *matter*. As it turned out, that was a lie.

I mean I can live with the starchild nonsense--even if it did make the ending seem as if someone had spliced Matrix Revolutions into Deus Ex--but what really disappointed me was how half-arsed the final Earth missions felt.

After the way they did ME2's suicide mission, I expected to see my choices and war assets come into play. I also thought it to be an extended campaign, with side missions like we got with Tuchanka and Rannoch. There was plenty of potential to work with. I mean imagine a mission where you have to make your way though a vast field of dragon's teeth to assault a reaper processor ship and liberate civilians, or some captured allies. Maybe even Anderson?

Indeed, I'd say everything from Thessia onwards felt a little rushed. The bit about the Illusive Man going to the Citadel, warning the reapers and them just grabbing the thing and moving it to Earth all in the time it took you to raid Cronos station just felt horribly contrived. Indeed, Cerberus itself got a little short changed since we never found out exactly what was going on. Why did they attack Surkesh? Were they all fully indoctrinated, or were they just rogue units that TIM had lost control over? There should have been a much more to the downfall of Cerberus than what we got.

So yeah, while I didn't *hate* the ending, I was enormously disappointed. I don't care that it wasn't a happy ending, I do care that it wasn't a satisfying one.
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