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Re: TOS movie era Novels?


I need a bit help with TOS novels and this seems to be the right thread. I'm currently rewatching the whole Trek (now in the middle of third season of TOS) and I do want to enhance my experience with some novels. Now I'm quite familiar with novels "from 24th century", but I know next to nothing about TOS novels or comics.
My requirements for the novels and comics are these: They don't contradict established canon, they don't contradict each other and they don't contradict 24th century relaunch universe (minor mistakes and discrepancies are all right, we all know that even tv Trek is far from perfect in this aspect).
Naturally, I would probably like to fill the voids between TOS and TAS, TAS and movies and movies themselves, but if there are some nice novels for example from Pike era, then by all means.
I tried to do some research, but I haven't found anything really conclusive or complete. "Charting the novel verse" on this site is really nice, but it's more suited for people familiar with the issue.
So the novels list should be something like Jsplinis posted, but with bit more info. (I don't know which are the A.C. Crispin's novels mentioned above)

Thanks for any help.
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