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Re: NuTrek spinoff series: you're the producer

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Those that can't think of anything more interesting or engaging than just pressing the reset button are just being lazy, whilst destroying things like character development and emotional impact, so that you end up not caring about characters.
This is just simply wrong.

At some point, the "character development and emotional impact" that a few cling tightly to becomes a entry barrier for general audiences. They want to be entertained and don't care about the minutiae. Creating yet another generic group of characters does nothing to really grow the brand.

I thought they (Abrams, Orci & Kurtzman) did an incredible amount of work trying to make this accessible to not only general audiences but to those who take things like canon seriously, they tried to move forward without leaving those folks behind. For me, I knew as far back as 1999 that a reboot was inevitable but I would've went whole hog and did a hard reboot. I didn't need Nimoy. Also, I didn't need my hand held and assured that the old universe was still there.
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