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Re: Dark Territory: Shadow Puppets (Revised)

Wow, quite a bit happening here. The diplomatic soiree was an excellent backdrop for the various intrigues developing in the vicinity of Benzar.

Samson is putting on a brave face, but heís now in hostile custody and utterly disavowed by Starfleet, even if they were to discover his imprisonment. Volok is going to enjoy eviscerating whatever is left of the elder Glover, provided that the centurion leaves him anything to play with.

I have to admit a certain delight at seeing Volok twist the knife in Loganís guts, as its not everyday someone gets to pull one over on Section 31 so spectacularly. Logan would be better off vaporizing himself now, rather than wait to see what Visala and the others have planned for him.

As always, your plans-within-plots wrapped inside machinations continue to delight!
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