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Re: Captain Worf of the USS ????

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They've already contradicted Countdown in how Data was resurrected. I enjoyed Countdown, but I'd like to see the novels tell their own independent version of events surrounding the supernova crisis.

As for Worf, I'm afraid I'm bored of the character, so a Captain Worf series doesn't really appeal to me. And I don't see Picard leaving the Enterprise, simply for the real-life reason that it would potentially screw up the TNG brand, which is still making Pocket Books money (I assume, since they're still making them 11 years after Nemesis!)
Oh, I certainly agree that Fek'lhr will be skating to work before the TNG books sideline Picard in any way, but I truly think Picard himself is more iconic and important to TNG than a starship Enterprise. I could see the books simply switching focus and becoming "the adventures of Ambassador Picard (Professor Picard? Old Man Picard?), Beverly Crusher, and child - also featuring wacky uncle Data and appearances by Captain Worf".

Picard will continue being the star of TNG, no doubt...but will he need to remain on the Enterprise to be so?
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