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I am tired of the argument that Superman is so powerful. The intrigue of his character is his personal pathos.
Which I would argue is the heart of what the new Superman movie is about. People are complaining that it's emo Superman, but it's trying to make the argument that this is the essence of Superman. The outsider, the one who is invulnerable but has to protect the ones he loves. The one who has a past filled with tragedy as well. All that, based on the trailers, appears to be in this movie.
I'd say that such tragic things would make the best character moments for the character. One of my favorite defining moments in the first Reeve movie is the funeral for his father lamenting the uselessness of all his powers in that moment of Pa Kent's death. It wouldn't have been in the tenor of the George Reeve's series, but went about as close and I wish it had been followed up, was the couple that had found out Superman's identity as Clark Kent. An episode dealing with their death on the mountain could have been a great episode.
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