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Re: Captain Worf of the USS ????

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My money is still on Worf becoming the new captain of the Enterprise. In David's trilogy, it's made clear that Picard is seriously considering retiring from active duty, because of his family life. Not that that's going to happen within a year or so, but somewhere along the line, he will leave the Enterprise. And Worf, having been the first officer of the E-E for about 5 years now, is the most logical choice, not Data, who's been gone for a few years and is not the same Data that we used to know.
Picard's inevitable retirement is being teased out quite a bit. The idea that he was turning the concept over in his head first came up in Paths of Disharmony, and it's been lurking as an ongoing sub-plot in all his appearances since. Although The Cold Equations concluded with the good captain deciding he wasn't quite ready yet, he is going to leave that ship before too long. (Since his next appearance apparently involves teaming up with Garak, I wonder if the Ambassador will convince him to leave Starfleet in favour of diplomacy ). A Captain Worf relaunch might appeal to DS9 fans as well as TNG fans.
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