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Re: Uh-Oh!! Is Microsoft setting up to answer Sony?

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Even though I own a PS3 and 360, I have no interest in either one's successor. I can't imagine the graphics being that much better, and there's not a new media...erm...medium coming that will be in the new system (i.e. DVD w/ Ps2, Blu w/ PS3). Also, I'm content with my system from this generation being the WiiU. Plus, I imagine the PS3/360 will still have support for a few years to go anyway.

But, there's always the chance the NextBox could surprise me, and I'll be watching to see what happens regardless.
Yeah I'm planning on skipping the PS4 and Xbox3. I already have a Wii U and 3DS to play Nintendo games, and I have a PC to play everything else.

Also the only Microsoft franchise I care about is Alan Wake, and I'm sure Alan Wake 2 will get a PC release after the success of Alan Wake's PC port. I don't care about any of Sony's franchises.

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