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Re: Netflix Presents: House of Cards (US) *SPOILERS*

Finally finished it - not my favorite series of all time (political machinations usually just bore me, and I rarely enjoy the way journalism is depicted in drama) but very well done. Liked Russo the best, so not sure what will draw me next season other than maybe rooting for Christina and Paul to get revenge?

Is Frank an evil person or is he justified?
How can he be justified if everything he's doing is just for the sake of personal ego? It's a realistic motivation, but not an interesting one, too one-note.

Compare him with other anti-hero characters like Vic Mackey or Dexter Morgan, who are an intriguing mix of selfish and selfless motives. That gives the character more dimensionality, with an internal dramatic conflict that helps generate more kinds of stories and makes them viable over the long haul.

Despite Spacey's riveting performance, I'm not sure how much longer Frank is going to be interesting to me. I feel like I've seen pretty much all there is to him. I guess he could start having a Macbeth-style guilt-induced meltdown. They seem to have started that. So that's good for S2, but beyond that...?

Frank killed a man. That's a quantum leap beyond lying and manipulating.
Yeah, that puts him beyond the pale. It's not Vic Mackey murdering a fellow cop so he can continue his own vigilante brand of street justice or Dexter Morgan murdering a killer because it's a way for him to survive without killing anyone innocent. It was nothing but pure selfishness. Whatever good Frank does is incidental to his utterly selfish motives. He's not remotely sympathetic and too one-dimensional. I'm worried that it's going to get boring fairly quickly.

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