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Re: Early Evidence That You Were A Nerd

My interest in Star Trek, obviously, set me apart, and that—including all the nerdy hyper-enthusiasm stereotypical of our fine interest—for me began before kindergarten. Keep in mind also that this was the early 1970's. TOS wasn't even on the air except at odd hours.

I remember, at band camp—I mean—in kindergarten, we had to make these puppets out of paper and thumbtacks. They were supposed to be of people, with two movable arms. I just had to make a squid with ten movable arms. That would have been after seeing 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Even earlier than that, in nursery school, which I went to when I was three, we had this graduation ceremony where everyone was to wear a cap and gown. I refused, because I was so proud of the new blazer jacket that my parents had gotten me, so I'm the only kid in the picture not wearing a cap and gown!

At the end of first grade, I was the first student to finish the second grade math workbook. I started after the putative smart kid and finished first with full credit, so at that point, I really knew I was different. My aptitude for and keen interest in mathematics set me apart from all my peers in public school, all the way through high school. That contributed to a sense of isolation which I still take steps to rectify today, each and every day. However, I consider all that an asset and something to love about myself.

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