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Re: Early Evidence That You Were A Nerd

When my great grandma gave me an alarm clock I took it apart to see what was inside -and to play with those parts...

The best toys at my grandparents place were grandmas calculators (this was in an age before micro-processors and ICs so calculators were big mechanical things) and typewriters -not because I had a lot to calculate or write, just because I really liked those machines

As I grew older and LEGO didn't do it all for me any more (was brilliant to build phasers and tricorders with when us suburban kids were playing "Enterprise" though) I started 'playing with' electronics; the transistor (and later: ICs) were brilliant toys

Yeah, I'm one of those geeks that originally build their own very first computer themselves
There was no such thing as an OS in those days though.
I am trekkiedane and I wholeheartedly agree with this post.
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