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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

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Just a thought, but since wonderland is a part of all this, what if "HER" is Alice?
I'd wondered about that, but I hope not since "HER" does not seem like it will be a nice/good character - just a feeling HER could be another bad guy/girl. And while I fully expect Alice to show up at some point, I think/hope they might wait to tie her into the Hatter's return after whenever Sebastian Stan finishes his current run on Broadway.
He's also got at least the Captain America sequel to film, so it'll probably be quite some time before he's free. And depending on how that one ends he could do more Marvel movies.
EDIT: Then again Emily Van Camp is the lead on Revenge, so I guess doing the movie might not have much effect on his availability for OUAT.
EDIT 2: According to TVLine, they are considering and Mad Hatter spin-off, and they are also looking into recasting the part.
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