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Re: How could Archers Racism have been better handled

^ I never thought so.

I think Archer represented all the humans who resented the Vulcans for being too nursemaidy and holding back humanity's progress, and the Archer/T'Pol dynamic was a microcosm for the human/Vulcan partnership-- rocky at times, but eventually smoothing out into mutual trust, respect, friendship. Archer's childhood perspective was the root of his resentment, and he learned to get past it. And there was that great conversation in "The Forge" between Forrest and Soval in which Forrest realizes that the Vulcans were actually worried that humans would become the stronger presence in the galaxy if they were allowed to progress at their natural pace, which was a great bit of backstory.

By the end of "Broken Bow," Archer is already acknowledging to T'Pol the need to re-examine his disgruntlement about Vulcans. Less than halfway through Season 1, he is championing her and fighting tooth and nail to keep her as a member of his crew.

Archer still encounters plenty of uppity, condescending, scheming Vulcans who have their own prejudices to get over, which makes the overall arc more interesting to me. Even T'Pol has her own preconceived notions about humans that she has to get past. I like that nothing happened overnight, that it took time and effort.
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