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Re: Are the Voyager novels not as popular?

I know I'm only one reader but I would be happier with the Trek line if Pocket worked on a little more balance every year. Six TOS books this year is just too many in my opinion. A couple TOS books a year I think is good and leaves enough months to do justice to all the other series and even make room for a new original series now that Vanguard is ended. I have been reading and collecting Trek books for over 20 years and in all that time the TOS books are usually the weakest and poorly written stories. I still buy them and I still read them but out of what is over 100 TOS novels ever published only a handful are anywhere near "classic" reads that I would call top tier books in the series.

I have been really pleased with Ms. Beyer's approach to the novel series and think she has done an excellent job but I would like to see more authors produce some VOY material. They don't leave other series to only one author so why should VOY be so restricted? I understand that a new direction had to be taken with the series but now that that has been established there is really no good reason to leave the franchise only in Beyer's hands.

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