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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

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I just realized, if this movie has dueling Enterprises, that might explain the "are you the 1701?" viral marketing stuff. April's or Kirk's?
Problem with that idea is I doubt the registry number of April's Enterprise was 1701.
Go back to page 9 of this thread and have a look at the second image of April's Enterprise again (the one facing forward). On the inner port nacelle, you can clearly read "NCC-1701."
I can see them re-using the same registry number on a new version of a starship, for record purposes. Using an example from my profession, when an old school is torn down to build a new school on the property once occupied by the former building, it is not uncommon for the new version of the school to be given the same name and school ID number, even though it's technically a different school - it's address ID also doesn't change. It seems to make sense to keep the same designation on a starship.
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