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Re: What the Daleks left Behind.

I totally missed that meme.

They were called "Bumps" in Curse of the Fatal Deaths, but now you have me wondering if every bump is an egg with a baby Dalek in it, and if every Dalek is simultaneously pregnant with 80 other Daleks that would explain their rotten behaviour,

Of course that's if the 80 babies are awake and sucking on Dalek bosoms from inside the battle chassis, if there isn't some sort of mechanical udder expressing breast pump like you seen at a dairy farm equally distributing sustenance to... Now that just got dark. I was thinking that the babies are all in stasis and that they replace the parent/sibling (wait the siblings are forced to feed their brothers?) when it/s/he expires, but what if inside the eggs that there's Darwinism at work that there's some syllabus in play which only rewards the most Daleky of students that the least Dalek of the bunch are slowly starved to death if they can't get up their game.

Or 80 eggs equals 80 Daleks who just need their own chasis once they're big enough.

Davros must have been smart enough to make Daleks poisonous?

Because the human beings of 2164 are going to be thinking about tossing those pepper bots in searing BBQ pits and scooping out well done meaty innards 30 minutes later.

Could become a delicacy?

What would the Doctor think on discovering that Humans are farming Daleks as a food source?

The Daleks did bomb the planet for ten years before they started their occupation. There wouldn't be much animal life left for farming as nibbles other than Daleks and Humans.
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