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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 11: Part 2

Before they reached the gangway the Doctor stopped. “Marcia, take Helena and Alyssa and go the alternative way. It is quite likely that Adria would focus on us,” he said.

Bates looked to Jameson. He nodded. She then signalled the other two members of the team and headed to the alternative route...

As they came down a gangway to Deck 8, Adria stepped into view. “Adria!” Daniel called out.

“I knew it was you, Doctor Jackson.”

“Let us go!” Lana called out. She stepped forwards, quarterstaff raised. Suddenly she rose up into the air.

“You impertinent child, your world will bow to Origin!”

“So, there are still forces of yours there. But we’re very resourceful!”

“Yes, I have seen. 10% of your nation’s settlements have been abandoned. However that strategy will not work forever. We’ll take your entire planet.”

“You won’t!”

“Yes, we will. We’ll also find your offworld colonies.”

“You will not! We’ll go from world to world...” Lana trailed off as Adria increased pressure around her neck.

“Let her go, Adria!” Daniel said.

“I will!” Adria said. Lana fell with the Doctor catching her.

“Out of our way!” Jameson said as he pointed his P-90 at Adria.

“That’s not going to work,” the Doctor said. Adria glared at Jameson ‘pushing’ him up the gangway with great force.

“That won’t work with me. Let us rescue SG-1, or face my wrath!” the Doctor said.

“Ah-yes, you’re the visitor from another universe. My soldiers are attempting to gain entry to your interesting vessel as we speak.”

“What do you know about it?” the Doctor asked.

“Let’s see. I know that the exterior is some kind of illusion. It’s also obvious that the interior is larger than the size of that exterior would suggest...”

‘She definitely knows too much,’ Daniel thought.

“You won’t gain access to it!” the Doctor said.

“Oh we will. I can guarantee it,” Adria said.

“Free SG1, or I’ll send this ship on a long journey back to your home galaxy,” the Doctor said.

“I’m sure that you could,” Adria said.

“Free SG1!” the Doctor deadpanned.

“No!” Adria said. She ‘pushed’ the Doctor as she did with Lana and Jameson. However, the Doctor didn’t move very far.

“Not a good idea, using telekinesis on a person such as myself!” the Doctor said.

“Yes, I see that you have similar powers,” Adria said.

“Yes,” the Doctor said.

Whilst the Doctor was confronting Adria, Bates, Lawson and Wells approached the holding cells. There were hardly any guards, they were distracted by the confrontation.
Wells rolled a Goa’uld stun grenade into the holding cell area. When the weapon had taken effect they went into the area. “About time,” Cameron said.

“Took a while for Doctor Jackson and Lana to get back to the SGC, and even longer for us to realize that you were aboard this ship,” Marcia said.

“I see, let us out of here!” Felicia said.

“Getting to it!” Lawson said. After a few seconds the forcefield went down.

“Adria probably already knows, let’s go,” Marcia said.

“Right behind you,” Carter said.

Adria became aware that SG1 and the companions were freed. “They have been freed. They won’t remain so for long!”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” the Doctor said.

“I don’t think so,” Adria said, she was struggling to hold the Doctor in place.

“Give up!”

SG-6, SG-1 and the companions approached the TARDIS. It was surrounded. “There goes that plan,” Vala said.

“No, we have more stun grenades,” Wells said. She rolled another of the stun grenades. It had same effect as the other one. They then walked up to the TARDIS. Lawson unlocked the TARDIS.

“What now?” Felicia asked as she locked the TARDIS door.

“We’ll wait for the Doctor,” Marcia said.

“That could take a while,” Kiara said.

“It could...”

“Orici,” a soldier said.

“What?” Adria asked, her eyes still on the Doctor.

“The guards around the strange box have been neutralized!”

“Send more guards,” she said.

The Doctor smiled and held up his sonic screwdriver. “Around me!” he said. Lana, Daniel and Francis crowded around him. He activated the sonic screwdriver. The sound of the TARDIS engines could then be heard. “No!” Adria called out. She dashed into the space next to the Doctor and the others...

The TARDIS engines started. “He’s calling the ship to him! That’s cool,” Cameron said.

“He does it a lot,” Tamsin said.

“OK,” Sam said.

Then the Doctor and the others, including Adria started to appear next to the console.

“Uh-oh!” Cameron said.

The TARDIS then landed, bringing the Doctor, Lana, Daniel, Jameson and Adria fully into the console room.

Adria wasn’t shocked by the size of the console room. “You just made a mistake, Doctor. I’ll be able to figure out how this ship of yours works, and then I’ll spread Origin through time itself!”

“I don’t doubt that,” the Doctor began.

“Then you’ve lost!” Adria interrupted.

“To figure it out, you will have to stay in the TARDIS long enough to do so,” the Doctor said.

“You can’t force me to leave, Doctor!”

“I can,” the Doctor said. He clicked his fingers, and the doors opened. “Kiara.”

Kiara looked at Adria. Suddenly a gust came up in the console room and started blowing against Adria. “You have to do better than that!” Adria said.

“Chill,” Kiara said.

Adria started freezing, but with a sudden burst of heat, she overcame Kiara’s chill effect. “Nice try, but you have to do better!”

“Leave this TARDIS!” Cameron said.

“I will, once I know enough to build one for the Ori,” Adria said.

Cameron signalled and both SG teams rushed at Adria. Adria easily pushed them all to the side of the console room. “It’s not working,” Felicia said.

“Hold on!” the Doctor said. He pulled a series of levers on the console. The TARDIS took off in normal space, moving sideways through the corridor. Adria fell over towards the doors, but she stayed in the TARDIS.

“There has to be something in the TARDIS that can help against her,” Felicia said.

“Many things, but there may not be enough time to find any of the items in time,” the Doctor said.

“We could look for them,” Helena said.

“We investigated a lot of the ship during those weeks,” Daniel said.

“Go, quickly!” the Doctor said. As they left the console room, he spun the TARDIS around, and slammed it into a wall...

Adria fell towards the door, but she remained in the TARDIS. She stared at the Doctor. “I can keep this up all day, Doctor. Can you?”


Helena and Daniel quickly found the library. “That was quick,” Helena said.

“The TARDIS is probably helping us,” Daniel said.


They quickly found the Doctor’s (incomplete) inventory of artifacts. “This will take a while,” Daniel said as he got the rather large tome off the shelf.

“Let’s get started.”

Back in the console room, Adria was still stubbornly remaining in the TARDIS. Kiara had tried encasing her in ice, but that didn’t work.

The battle continued...

About ten minutes later, Daniel found something of use in the Doctor’s artefact inventory...
“Here it is. ‘A device to neutralise telekinetic activity: it plugs into the console for specific control,’” Daniel said.

“That would certainly be useful,” Helena said.

“Certainly,” Daniel said.

“Does it say where it is?” Helena asked.

“Rather cryptically; ‘Go to the far side of the library, then turn to the left. Go up three levels and solve the riddle. Go through and walk for a minute. Open the cupboard and climb up ten shelves on the right side half way in. It’s near the back.’”

“That is cryptic.”

“I’ll write it down.”


After Daniel had written the directions down, they headed deeper into the library…

Adria continued to try to pry the TARDIS’s secrets. However, the Doctor, and the TARDIS herself continued to rebuff her efforts.

It took six minutes for Daniel and Helena to cross the library. It took them another half a minute to find the stairs. Once at the third level they found a door with a jumbled up picture on it. “That’s the riddle? This is going to take forever!” Helena complained.

“We have to do it,” Daniel said.

“I know,” Helena said.

“I think we have to reconstruct the picture.”

“I concur.” They started their attempt to solve the riddle by sliding the pieces of the picture around.

Back in the console room the companions and SGC personnel were attempting to shove Adria out of the TARDIS doors, with the assistance of the Doctor and Kiara’s telekinetic powers. “This isn’t working! We need another plan,” Cameron said.

“Indeed,” Teal’c remarked. “But there isn’t much other choice.”

“We just need to give Daniel and Helena time to retrieve one of those devices,” the Doctor said.

“They won’t succeed! I have already gained some information,” Adria said.

“But not much,” the Doctor responded.

“I know the fate of your civilisation,” Adria taunted.

“Then be thankful that you won’t have to face anything like that!” the Doctor returned.

“The Ori have no reason to fear the Daleks!” Adria shot back.

“Not just the Daleks,” the Doctor said darkly. “But the things that the War brought forth,” the Doctor said. He thought of the Nightmare King with a shudder, Adria just stared at him.

Helena and Daniel solved the door riddle after six minutes. The door opened revealing a dark corridor. “Walk for a minute, that doesn’t make sense,” Helena said.

“I guess we have to walk along the corridor for a minute.”

“Only one way to find out.”

They started walking.

A minute after they started walking, the cupboard appeared right in front of them. “Climb up ten shelves on the right side halfway, it’s near the back,” Daniel read.

“Right, I’ll climb up,” Helena said. She then climbed up the ladder that was at the position.

Helena climbed down with a small device in her hand. “That’s it? It looks small,” Daniel stated.

“It was the only thing in the position described,” Helena said.

“Right,” Daniel said. They turned to go out of the cupboard and found that it now led back to the stairs rather than the corridor. “That’s convenient,” Daniel remarked.

Back at the console room, most of the people, except the Doctor and Teal’c were tiring. Adria was glaring at the Doctor over the console as Teal’c spared against her.

It took another five minutes for Daniel and Helena to recross the library, and three more for them to return to the console room. “Doctor!” Helena called.

The Doctor left the console where Teal’c and Kiara were sparing with Adria and ran to the door. “You have it?” he asked quickly.

“Yes,” Helena placed the device in the Doctor’s hand.

“Thanks,” the Doctor dashed back to the console whilst Adria was still distracted by the Jaffa and the Tyrian.
However, Adria knew something was up. “You can’t stop me with a device!” she said as the Doctor inserted it into a port in the console.

“Yes. I can,” he said. He started manipulating the console. When he finished, he stared at Adria in the eyes. “Leave. My. TARDIS!” He pressed a final button, and Adria flew out of the TARDIS. He then closed the doors with a click of his fingers.

“What now?” Cameron asked, panting.

“Now, we go back to Tiloana. And then through the Stargate,” the Doctor said as he laid in a course back to that planet.
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