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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

Kinda (Fifth Doctor).

This seems a very different type of story than I what I've been seeing in Doctor Who lately. Concepts of evil being something that is generated at the back of people's minds, reincarnation, mystical forms of healing. It makes for a good story and I'm glad that all of the characters with speaking parts had something to do. Well except for Nyssa, who decided to dissapear for most of the serial. I read that the serial had been written with only two companions in mind so rather than rewrite it, they just had Nyssa go to sleep for several days.

The only scene that didn't really make sense was the vision that Panna decided to give to the Doctor and Todd. The image of the clocks counting down and the Trickster falling to the ground and acting as though he were in pain was not well explained. Either that or I wasn't paying close enough attention.

Kudos to Simon Rouse for his performance as Hindle. The character's decent into madness was well realized.

Black Orchid (Fifth Doctor).

This is the first purely historical Doctor Who I've seen since The Gunfighters during the Hartnell era. Well I suppose you could call The Gunfighters a historical despite that blasted song. I'm actually a fan of Doctor Who's attempts at historical fiction. It makes for a nice change of pace when aliens are not the cause of whatever trouble is happening in the past. The Romans is my particular favorite though The Aztecs is good as well.

Black Orchid however comes across more like a bad Agatha Christie novel. That's not to say the story itself was bad, it was just poorly written. There is no explaination for why Nyssa and Ann look alike. Tegan and Adric however are given nothing to do. They both dance at the party then Adric spends much of the serial eating.

The audience is also given no reason as to why Lady Cranleigh decided to have George imprisoned in the attic. Perhaps it would have helped if the story was four parts instead of two but I'm not sure.
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