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Re: The old "DS9 stole from B5" thing

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Also I dont recall DS9 being affiliated with PTEN, it was a syndicated show that was shown on independent stations ( some of whom did join WB and UPN) I don't see a mention of Paramount in Wiki about PTEN just Warner Bros and Chris-Craft. Paramount and Warner did join forces to form the CW, but that was a few years later. And Star Trek Voyager was the show that launched UPN. Maybe the post's author is conflating several events?
DS9 and B5 were back to back on Wednesday nights on my PTEN Station, which eventually became UPN for Voyager. B5 was carried on PTEN Stations, WB Stations, and I believe some still independent ones.
Yeah, I saw DS9 on Channel 44 in the SF Bay Area which would become a UPN station ( and later the CW), but I think it was also on Channel 11 which at the time was an ABC affiliate. So I don't think it was part of the PTEN slate.
Yea, KBHK was what I was talking about as well. Was DS9 carried on 11 as well? I don't remember that, was that the weekend airing? (KBHK CH44, I believe was carried on Ch12, though)
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