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Re: Wertham lied

The real problem here is that DC and Warner Bros. are unable to do anything original except by accident. They generally just jump on trends and if something works once especially in their superhero properties they just keep doing it over and over again even if it's not right for a particular character.

Chris Nolan was a good fit for Batman because Batman is a character that lends itself to more adult fare with realism and dark drama. Superman is arguably a different type of character, more escapist, even more kid oriented. But because DC scored a hit with Nolan and a particular take theyre going to use that take on their other characters regardless of how appropriate it may or may not be.

And this is far from the first time they've done this. After the Donnor Superman movie was a hit their original plan for Batman was to do beat for beat the exact same movie. You can find the old Tom Mackiewicz script online and see for yourself. Then when they changed gears somewhat by accident and did the Burton film and the Burton film was a hit for a while everything had to be Burtonesque. That's why the lead character on the flash TV show was wearing a bulky rubber suit when he was supposed to be a sleek runner. It's why we almost got the Nicholas Cage Superman lives.

Does this mean the new Superman movie is doomed to failure? No. However it's a shame that DC does not seem willing to try different things with their characters. Their characters are in some ways more diverse than marvels, Most of which were created by the same handful of people. a diverse group of characters like DC has could lend itself to a diverse range of story telling styles or even a diverse range of Film genre: Characters like Batman could be in darker adult affair. Characters like Capt. Marvel or even Superman could be in more family-friendly type films. Most successful companies try to expand and diversify their product lines not limit them to a narrow audience the way that DC seems to want.
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