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Re: Starfleet Command Insignia

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If the above is true then since Commodore Wesley was wearing the star-burst/flower shaped insignia then he was probably considered starbase personnel that was temporarily in command of the USS Lexington.
That's the way I always took it. Plus, the Enterprise picked up Wesley at a [originally unnamed] space station.
True, that unnamed space station (which originally looked like the K-7 Space Station model) may have been considered a starbase too.

Excerpt below is from Memory-Alpha:
(Here is the link --> )
Starbases may be a deep space structure like K-7 or DS9, an orbital facility such as Starbase 1 (aka Earth Spacedock), a planetary surface facility, or a combination of both planetary surface and orbital structure(s) such as Starbase 11.
I don't know where Memory-Alpha got that information but I remember reading it somewhere years ago.

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