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Re: The old "DS9 stole from B5" thing

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Why should I care if some show steals from another? That's for the lawyers to sort out.
Perhaps we shouldn't care. Of course, our perspective as fans is likely to be different from those of the creators themselves. When answering the question "so what?" if DS9 stole from him, JMS wrote this back when both shows were on the air:

If we allow for the moment, just the moment and no more, that perhaps it did happen as I and others think it might have happened...that Paramount influenced the development of DS9 to co-opt B5....

Imagine that you have just spent five years building a custom car. And before you can even take it out of the garage, someone nabs it. And every day thereafter, they drive it up and down your street, and everyone talks about what a great car it is, and how the other car you still have is okay, and should't we be happy that the neighborhood has *both* cars to look at?

And if you commented on it, and someone told you, "so what?" I wonder what your reaction would be.
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