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Re: Tron: What do the different colors mean?

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But part of that is also due to the very fact that the Grid is not the same environment as the ENCOM servers in the first film. So naturally there's going to be some differences in the digital characters, based on that alone.
Yes, that's the modern filmmakers' retcon. My point is that the original filmmakers had a different intention, one more in the vein of an anthropomorphic fable for the computer era than a cyberpunk tale of AI and VR. It's easy to forget that when we look back at it today, given how much cyberpunk and the like have influenced us in the intervening decades.

About that, though: If the Users really don't know that their programs are avatars of themselves, then how are Flynn and Alan able to speak directly to their programs as we see them do in the original film?
I just interpreted that as them typing program instructions into their computers. They spoke them aloud because that's what characters do in movies and TV to accommodate the audience -- they read aloud, they say what they're typing, etc. And heck, we all anthropomorphize; I talk to my computer regularly, although it's usually more yelling at it for doing something stupid or annoying. That doesn't mean I think there's a glowy-suited person inside it.
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