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Re: How could Archers Racism have been better handled

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Just bad writing. He came across as a whiny little ass when he should have been bitter.
I'm leaning towards this. He wasn't alone either. Trip is his side-kick in this and I suspect Reed shared the resentment. As it came off screen it was more racist than bitter at politics, and it always bugged me. Less reference to physical attributes and what Vulcans are like and more grumble about political decisions and the situation they're in would have been appropriate.
I reckon they were doing a McCoy and they were too up their own asses to realize just how dickish McCoy sounds to a modern audience when he makes chink jibes at Spock. They figured hey, this is what old school humans in TOS are like so obviously in the ENT era they were even MORE like that.. and people will just love it because it's soooo TOS-ish. More like tosser but this flew over their heads.

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