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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

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I swear, way more than half of the casting news is not just white actors but white guys. Well as long as they're cool like Mark Pellegrino, I won't complain but it's getting pretty Hollywood just giving up on anything more than token diversity?
What a very strange question. This season has featured a substantial number of shows on the air whose first or second leads are nonwhite -- Scandal, Deception, Beauty and the Beast, Elementary, Nikita, Last Resort, Cult, the new series Golden Boy debuting next week (with Chi McBride as second lead), maybe more. That's got to be a record high. Hell, Scandal was the first network TV show with an African-American female lead in three decades, and now it's just one year later and we've got two more, plus Andre Braugher starring in Last Resort. Plus three shows with Asian-American leading ladies, not two as I said before (I forgot about Nikita).

Yes, there are still a lot of white actors on TV, still a long way to go to achieve full balance. But it makes no sense to say we're going backward from some alleged past time when there was more diversity on primetime TV, because there never was such a time. I've spent my whole life yearning for more diversity on TV, being frustrated at the disproportionate overabundance of white people on the small screen, but now we're finally getting a significant number of shows that satisfy my hopes. Still not enough, no, but more than ever before.
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