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Re: Ziyal - good addition or better left out?

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It also didn't help that they had the character played by three different actresses; I still don't know why that was necessary.
They wanted an older actress to play her since they wanted her to have a relationship with Garak and they did not want it to seem predatory (toward a young girl.) The 2nd actress did not react well to the makeup.

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Also I have no idea what she was doing on the freighter and certainly not on the damn station during a war! She should just have been packed off to safety in the Federation somewhere...
Where was she supposed to go? She was uncomfortable on Bajor because she was half-Cardassian. She was hated on Cardassia because she was half-Bajoran. She was a young woman alone.

Should she have struck out on her own on Ferenginar? Vulcan? Earth? She had someone who cared for her on DS9 (Nerys) and she was trying to cling to a relationship with her father.

DS9 made sense as her home. Also, Bajor signed a non-aggression pact with the Dominion so the station was probably safer than most UFP planets. At least Bajor was a quick shuttle ride away.
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