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Re: Ziyal - good addition or better left out?

Of course you all know how I feel about her.

Relayer1 wrote: View Post
I liked the character - she was one of the reasons Dukat was not just a two dimensional bad guy.

SSOASS wrote: View Post
I think her character wsa a good catalyst for some interesting stuff between Dukat/Kira, Dukat/Garak, and Dukat/Damar ... plus she has some nice scenes individually with Kira, Dukat, and Garak ... Overall, I see her as a positive for the show.
And this.

Relayer1 wrote: View Post
TheRoyalFamily wrote: View Post
Ziyal was basically the personification of Dukat's obsession with Bajor, so of course she would be extra special to him.
Ooohhh that's good. Hadn't thought of it like that...
Me, neither. Interesting!
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