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Re: Is Primeval New World worth watching?

There are German 12 year olds in prison for downloading episodes of South Park.

(Okay, it happened once, and he's not 12 anymore.)

All copyrighted material is legally controlled material.

What if every ad worked?

If every advert you saw in the station breaks during your favourite show compelled you to purchase that product?

Every car, ever cellphone and every hamburger.

Watching tv without advertising is a complete theft, because you are depriving your self of the opportunity to be brainwashed poorly into wasting your money on shitty products you don't need. You have an implied contract with your local station to give their brainwashing a chance and if you're turning the volume off or fast forwarding with your dvdr through the advertising that's simply poor sportsmanship.

I doubt anyone in authourity cares, but snailmailing vhstapes is still piracy.

Speaking of laws no one cares about...

Although not enforced, legally the government where I live can enter my house and magnetically erase any (nonprerecordedstorbought) video tapes that they suspect which I may have watched more than once. Video tapes are only permissible for '"timeshifting" once. Subsequent views are piracy and criminal.
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