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Re: Joined trills and memories

On a related note, while early twenties seems to be the socially accepted age for Joining, in part because a young Trill must endure years of intense training and evaluation before being judged suitable, I wonder when the Trill is actually capable of Joining. In theory, could a child Join? Or would their neurology be not yet sophisticated enough to make the Joining stable? Might Joining in adolescence or pre-adolescence have disruptive effects on the developing Trill? I imagine for one thing their sense of identity might be distorted, but where is the line drawn regarding the age at which a young humanoid is considered grounded enough in their own identity to take on the role of host? When you're plugging a three-hundred year old symbiont and all its accumulated experiences into a 20-year old, is that really so different from plugging it into a 15 year old? Or a 12 year old? Do the Trill see Joining as something to be entered into upon maturity, in a way similar to sexual activity or recreational drug use - that is, a younger person might well be biologically capable of it, but socially they're considered not ready? Or are there physiological and neurological reasons why a preadult Joining would be unwise, or even fail? Before the Trill civilization established the Symbiosis Commission or a structured body of laws relating to Joining, would children or adolescents have become hosts?
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