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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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It know they're supposed to be the more militant team, but the whole Uncanny team look like a bunch of super-villains. It's kinda off-putting.
Aren't still the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with delusion of grandeur still. Becuase if they are they probably look that way becuase they kind-of ARE super-villains.
Maybe it's just because I was out of Marvel for so long, but to me: Cyclops, Emma, Magik, those are all good guys! X-Men! I know that a lot has happened to shift this, but to see these characters acting and dressing like villains, while in the book titled Uncanny X-Men (you know, THE X-men book) it just doesn't feel like something I want to read.
They have been steering Cyclops towards villainy ever since Messiah Complex. As Morrison says, Cyclops is just Norman Bates without the serial killing.
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