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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

Well lets just start with camo-pants shall we? Really? CamoPants? Ridiculous! You have the power of ten rings and you go and rob an army surplus store. Then lets go to the dog tag collection. Ooohhh scary, must mean he is evil. Sunglasses. Cant see his eyes he must be evil. The pose. Yes I am so relaxed in my room that I can just flop into my chair, ho hum. Thankfully the official poster cropped out the two very distracting blue helmets in the picture. They totally kill the color scheme of the room and take your eye away from the main figure. There is nothing in this poster that makes him look intimidating. A small guy with glasses seated in a chair in a relaxed pose. Max Von Sydow was far more menacing in his garish Ming outfit. His beard was better as well.
I was really hoping this movie would make up for the mistakes of the last one, but for me this is a major fail of character design.
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