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Re: Levar Burton aka Geordi La Forge criticizes Star Trek 2009

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Burton who played Geordi in TNG says he is disappointed with the 09 film because it erased the TNG timeline. Burton also said it was a silly thing for JJ to do.

I don't think Burton watched any behind the scenes footage or any Interview of JJ ABRAMS speaking about the 09 film or even watched the film with JJ's commentary.

JJ did spend a good time respectfully ranting about how his trek is an alternate reality and everything that happened in the prime universe still exists and is unchangeable.

So that Includes the TNG timeline.......right?

I am certain that Burton is not been spiteful like William Shatner who is mad at JJ because JJ wont let him be part of new Trek.

However I do think Burton is plain wrong on this issue.

The Prime Universe is still out there.

Also it kind of sucks that Burton will say this things. TNG had so may time travel and alternate reality episodes so it makes no sense when he says JJ did a silly thing by creating a new timeline.

what say you?
First of all, you've taken Burton's statement completely out of context by not quoting his full statement:

J.J. [Abrams] [is] a very good director, he really is, he told ET. He directed the hell out of the first movie. Im really interested to see what he wants to talk about in his upcoming movie. [But] Im disappointed, quite frankly, that his timeline negates the existence of Next Gen. I think thats silly.

Sounds like Burton likes Abrams's work quite a lot (and, by the way, there's never been any proof that Shatner is "mad at JJ because he won't let him be part of new Trek." That's just fan bullshit that you've decided to believe.)

It also seems that Burton is speaking tongue in cheek. He's fully aware that TNG still exists. I think he's more upset that Paramount has decided to take Trek in a new direction, not that Abrams "erased" TNG. Abrams (or anyone else, for that matter) could have made a non-reboot, genuine TOS origin story without time travel, and Burton would still be upset that TNG movies are no longer being made.
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