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Re: Paradise, what should have happened to Alixus?

WesleysDisciple wrote: View Post

Couldnt agree more

Curious though how do you think shed have reacted to that

With outrage or a sorrowful "Then it seems I truly have done nothing, but waste your time, For that I am sorry"
I think she would have been shocked, she seemed to truly believe she did them a favor, I don't think she would have been able to say anything.

-Brett- wrote: View Post
Don't think I've seen this episode since the DVD releases, so I could remember wrong, but I seem to recall her being hauled off to be put on trial for her crimes, with the implication that she was likely to spend a good long time in prison.

I don't have a problem with that. Revenge fantasies aren't really Star Trek's style.
The problem is that she probably goes to prison gladly because she was prooven right, her stupid experiment succeeded, she created this community and they decided to keep going without her, that's all she ever wanted.
I wanted her crushed and destroyed, not in prison knowing that she was "right"
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