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Re: the next Trek TV series preview discussion

Maybe that's a bad idea for network TV, but releasing episodes at the same time has paid off for Netflix, because viewers appreciate the idea of being in control of their own viewing, regardless of whether they "binge" or drag it out so long like me, that I still haven't seen the final episode. They may have given up something in terms of ongoing PR value of word of mouth, but much of the PR they got was, how much viewers like the new system.

Star Trek isn't going to be on network TV unless it's in conjunction with being on streaming as well (like CBS is doing with Amazon for the Under the Dome launch) so the follies of network marketing are a moot point. Their business model is doomed anyway for anything interesting, they'll have news, sports, reality shows and the lowest-common denomenator programming.

You could use airlines to build PR about a new show, or you could put a trailer on appropriate movies (such as the ones with Star Trek in their name). But the quickest and most direct route is to put the show on streaming and then do a targetted ad campaign that offers a free trial period and a whole season's worth of a new Star Trek series at once.

Tell me that wouldn't get a huge response. Online advertising is cheap, and the value of getting one new subscriber is much larger than the value of getting one new ad-watcher on network TV, so even if most of the try-outs don't convert to new subscribers, it would still be valuable. Plus, it makes the service "stickier" for existing subscribers.
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